Welcome to Sonny Lee's Hunan Taste!


Today, as you step through the doors of Sonny Lee's Hunan Taste, you cannot but notice a sense of history that seems to permeate through the aromatic air that fills the entirety of the restaurant. Many of the customers you see, while waiting for a table, ask where Sonny is, as Mary, his wife, tries desperately to find the few tables that remain for you, your friends, and the many other customers that await to be served. Looking around, wondering what you should eat, you notice beautiful, dragon-like rolls of sushi, that seem great enough to be a decoration itself! Hot plates of sizzling jumbo shrimp, bird's nest overflowing with seafood that is kept together by a "sophisticated" white sauce, fried crabmeat wontons that are exploding with crabmeat as the golden wrapper tries its best to hold it all together, all seem to be but a fraction of the crazy amount of food that surrounds you. And just as you are called by Mary, trying hard to avoid the jealous stares from the still-waiting, you suddenly see a beautifully whole roasted duck come its way out the kitchen towards a table where Sonny is already awaiting to slice the duck with surgical precision. Watching as he carefully separates the crispy skin, from the juicy meat, while removing the fat all at once, you notice that the way people are staring at this sight is not of new wonder or awe, but more of a nostalgic familiarity. Where does all this history come from?

Sonny Lee's Hunan Taste was originally called Hunan Taste back in 1984, which was located in Randallstown, Maryland. After being sold in 1989, Sonny and his family moved to Hong Kong where he gained even more invaluable experience in the Chinese food business. But before moving out of the States, Hunan Taste had already been rated by various respectable food critics as one of the best in Baltimore, with a specific reference to our all-famous Peking Duck. In 2002, Sonny and his family, with his new found knowledge, re-opened their Hunan Taste as Sonny Lee's Hunan Taste in Reisterstown, Maryland. And just after one and a half years, food critics were already bestowing high praises for its food and, of course, for the duck. Thus it is no wonder that Sonny is also known to his customers as Master Duck Sergeant.

So come on by and give us a try, if you have not already. Sonny guarantees complete satisfaction or your money back. As for those who are already family, we're back and not going anywhere anytime soon. We look forward to seeing you shortly.


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